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Tongue Ties & Lip Ties


Sometimes there’s more to a tongue-tie than just tripping over your words! If not caught early on, a tongue or lip-tie can lead to an array of developmental issues. At SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry, our experienced dentist uses state-of-the-art laser dentistry to release lip and tongue-ties and help give your child a more comfortable smile!

What is a Lip or Tongue-Tie?

A tongue-tie is a term used to describe when the frenulum – a small strip of tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth and the upper jaw to the upper lip – creates too much tension.

This tension limits the child’s ability to develop behaviorally and physically, but we’re able to fix this issue using a quick procedure called a “frenectomy”.

When Is Tongue or Lip-Tie Treatment Necessary?

Treatment for a tongue or lip-tie is necessary when your child’s development begins to be impacted. This may not be noticeable right away for some, so the second it is, coming to see us is of the utmost importance. Issues that arise can include:

  • Hard time breastfeeding (reflux or colic, difficulties with taking a bottle (like clicking noises), mother discomfort or not gaining weight appropriately, they may have a tongue-tie and/or lip-tie.
  • Difficulty eating and drinking
  • Impaired speech
  • Sleep disturbances/grinding teeth at night

Does My Child Have a Lip or Tongue-Tie?

A tongue or lip-tie may seem like a simple thing to spot, but the truth is that it oftentimes doesn’t get recognized until later in life or because of subsequent issues.

Your child’s lip-tie or tongue-tie can impact their life for years to come. At SmileLYNN Pediatric Dentistry, we can release that tension in a safe and non-invasive way, so your child can get back to smiling as soon as possible! Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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